Porchetta & Suckling Pig

Porchetta & Suckling Pig

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Porchetta combines the best of British rare breed with it’s continental inspiration.

Porchetta is a speciality from the Umbrian region of Italy. It is a whole suckling pig boned, rolled and stuffed with fresh herbs and a little garlic. Porchetta is a unique product and makes an excellent centrepiece. A very manageable way of getting suckling pig on the menu.

Suckling Pig

If you like the flavour of rare breed pork, then you’ll love our rare breed suckling pig.

The flavour and succulence you experience from outdoor reared pigs seems intensified in the younger meat, with added tenderness. We believe you’ll never have tasted such delicate, crisp crackling. Guaranteed to wow!

Home Delivery

You can now order the same cuts of rare breed meat, used by our chefs, for delivery direct to your door!