Lamb and Mutton

Lamb & Mutton

Wholesale lambNorth Yorkshire is a region renowned for being an excellent sheep producing area because of it’s limestone soils and topography.

We have lamb available all year round. Mutton is growing in popularity. The extra age of mutton gives it the characteristic flavour. We hang our mutton for between one and two weeks to allow time for the meat to mature.

The Taste Tradition flock is kept on limestone based land, which is free draining and therefore very good ground for raising sheep. The grass from this land is the mainstay of their diet, but in the winter months when this is not as available we provide supplements to ensure the flock receives all the nutrients it requires.

We slaughter lambs year round, catering to the market with the highly sought after spring lambs, or the ever available hoggets. We take our lambs into local slaughterhouses, keeping business in the region and reducing the stress on the animals by reducing the time spent in transit.

Ben Goode, Head Chef, The Cross Keys, Leeds

At The Cross Keys, I aim to use the best of seasonal and local produce and integral to that is the relationship we have with Taste Tradition. The quality and provenance of the meat is second to none and the guys are always willing to help me out with the more obscure cuts that we like to utilise.

The mutton and pork products are especially high quality, with a depth of flavour that is superb.

Home Delivery

You can now order the same cuts of rare breed meat, used by our chefs, for delivery direct to your door!