Our Products

Our Products


All of our pork here at Taste Tradition is of rare or traditional breed origin, typically Gloucester Old Spot, Saddleback, Berkshire, Middle White and Large Black. More


What we started with our pigs, we carry on with our cattle; all our cattle are rare or traditional breeds, with the majority being Longhorn, Shorthorn, Belted Galloway, Dexter, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford or Red Poll. More

Lamb & Mutton

Unlike our pigs and cattle, the majority of our flock of sheep and lambs are not rare breed. Instead we rear Texel and Suffolk, because we find they suit our system; they are able to convert forage into meat effectively, are well fleshed, and produce a very consistent quality of carcase. More



Bespoke Products


Home Delivery

You can now order the same cuts of rare breed meat, used by our chefs, for delivery direct to your door!